Miramar Subdivision, Deck and Boat Dock Program

When home builders The Hofmann Company began its Miramar Subdivision, a waterfront housing project in Discovery Bay, they wanted to offer homebuyers the unique option of including a deck and dock pre-installed.

Since Discovery Bay is a waterfront community, known for its boating, water sports and bass fishing, having a home with a deck and boat dock would be optimal. With Mid-Cal Construction’s long service history to the Discovery Bay community, choosing us to provide the docks, decks and pile driving proved to be the best and obvious choice.

Together, The Hofmann Company and Mid-Cal built a program providing home buyers the choice of having a standard or custom deck and a choice between three standard dock designs or a custom dock. To provide sales support for the decks and docks, Mid-Cal was set up with an office at the sales pavilion.

Throughout the project, Mid-Cal built the custom decks, all the docks and drove all of the piling. Mid-Cal also provided Brock Vinyl Decking for the entire project.

The program proved to be a complete success. Customers welcomed the the idea of purchasing the dock and deck with the house, even including the cost into their home mortgage, rather than having to deal with it after the fact. The Hofmann Company ultimately credited our docks and decks as a major selling point for the Miramar Subdivision.

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