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August 29, 2013 – Mid-Cal just completed the construction of my deck and I wanted to so do something I rarely do–send you my evaluation of the performance of this construction that I felt and observed. First, the completed project turned out to be very beautiful in appearance and the quality of construction exceeded my expectations. Therefore, I highly recommend your company for this type of deck work to everyone I know.

Very noteworthy to me was the professionalism and knowledge and manner in which your two principal carpenters, Carlos and Edgar, completed the work throughout the construction of the deck. They deserve special acknowledgement for their total work ethic and dedication in their work. They showed up on the job at 7:15 every work day and even came to work an extra Saturday. They were not only hard workers but very polite, answering my wife’s or my questions.

Howard Peffer

Disocvery Bay

Just wanted to thank the crew and the office staff for making the whole experience of having a new dock installed a good one. Also thank Rick for making the dock usable during the Memorial weekend. Myself and the Family appreciated it. Thanks for a job well done.

Rufus Farinha

Lake Tulloch

We are just loving the new dock and gangway! As soon as it gets warmer, we’ll be out there watching the little world of Redwood Shores go by. I compliment you all for a terrific customer experience. Despite delays in getting Local HOA approval, the project went without a hitch. Your staff was accessible and patient with all of my questions. The on-time delivery was just aces! Adam and the installation team were excellent too. We have received so many admiring comments from friends, neighbors, and other contractors. Thanks!


Redwood Shores

My wife and I would like to thank you for the great deck cover you installed for our home. We especially want to thank you for your timely response to our needs. The wedding party for our son David was wonderful, in great part due to the fact you were able to have the cover installed so quickly.

We now have breakfast on the deck every morning, and spend many hours more outside than ever before. The “shutter-effect” works very well with the sun and our house is much cooler now than normal during these hot summer months. We have also gotten lots of compliments from friends and neighbors. Once again, thank you so much for a job well done.

John and Trisha Parker

Discovery Bay

Thank you for your excellent, professional work! Your crew was a pleasure to be around.

Barb & Rick de Veer & Ron


This letter is to express my satisfaction with the floating dock systems and gangways you have installed at Ballena Bay Townhouse Association, using the Brock Dock System.

The new floating docks are a great improvement over the prior systems we had. They are attractive, well constructed, easy to maintain, and durable. Many homeowners, who have the new docks and/or gangways, have expressed to me their satisfaction with the new facilities.

I would certainly recommend the use of the Brock Dock System to anyone who is responsible for the replacement of waterside facilities. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Rich Noble, PCAM, CMCA

Ballena Bay Townhouse Association

The Hofmann Company first began offering our new customers Brock Deck Systems in Discovery Bay, California in the Spring of 1995. At the time we were introducing our new “Miramar” models to the public with redwood decks and we decided to offer Brock Deck Systems as a designer upgrade. We installed Brock Decking behind two of our models and showcased one for our second community opening.

Today, as we are completing the last homes in “Miramar Estates”, we are pleased with our decision. Over 90% of our customers chose Brock Deck Systems over redwood. Brock Deck enhanced our sales, adding to the appeal of our models with the same impact that furnishings and other designer upgrades throughout our homes do.

I would like to add that our decision to choose Brock Deck came after looking at many other decking products in the market. We looked at both composite (recycled) and vinyl decks. In the end, our decision was made easy by the superior design and materials that go into Brock Decking. As a company that takes pride in the quality of the homes we sell, and the warranties that we provide to our customers, Brock Deck was easily the best choice. The overwhelming selection of this upgrade has had a direct impact on the bottom line of our buyer options program.

Thomas A. Whalen, President

The Hofmann Company

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(This review is in reference to Western States Distributing, a subsidiary of Mid-Cal Construction)

During March of this year I undertook the daunting, (for me anyway), task of replacing my 44’x 16’ deck, dock stairs, deck rail and 12’ x 23’ cover on one end of the deck. I consider myself handy for a computer salesman but by no means a professional for this sort of thing.

I purchased a Brock deck and rail package as proposed by Greg Peterson along with a deck cover package also proposed by Greg.

This letter is to commend Greg and the other employees of Western States for their assistance with this project. Other than a couple of minor back orders everything was delivered complete and in a timely manner. I downloaded text from the Royal Crown website for installing deck and rail and Cory provided me with a CD giving installation instructions. Cory served as my point of contact with Western States, answered most of my questions and routed me to others when needed. Skip Halbakken made custom rail posts and rails and gates for the project and was a pleasure to work with. Art made some huge deliveries in 90 degree weather and always had a great attitude. All phone calls that weren’t taken immediately were returned timely and questions answered by each of the people mentioned.

The product is clearly the best of its type on the market and I researched everything currently available. I’m delighted with the resultant deck and appreciate everyone’s help at Western States. Please see that each of the individuals mentioned receives my thanks.

I highly recommend the purchase of this product from Western States Distributing, especially do-it-yourself customers.

Lynn Bunnell

Discovery Bay

I highly recommend Mid-Cal Construction for building a deck and lake dock. I found them to be highly responsive and the project went off without a hitch.

I noticed Mid-Cal Construction working at my neighbors house and liked what I saw. I talked to my neighbor and asked how it was to do business with them. He gave them a glowing review and gave me their number. My own backyard had practically become unusable.

When I was ready to move forward with my backyard’s renovation, I gave them a call and they came out and measured my existing deck. They also gave material and design options. I decided to go with vinyl decking as it seemed to have the most benefits. It was the easiest to clean, low maintenance and had the longest life time. They began construction by tearing out my old deck and then replaced it with the new one.
In the end, I was completely satisfied with their work. It gave my entire backyard a renewed energy. It became the perfect place to host a BBQ.

Linh Phan

Discovery Bay