Docks at Westlake Villages

Westlake, StocktonDesigned Exclusively for the Residents of Westlake Villages. With our pre-approved plan by the Westlake community’s HOA and the City of Stockton, we developed a streamlined process that will ensure you receive your dock in the quickest and easiest way possible. Your future boat dock uses the best materials with both aesthetics and function in mind. Your dock will be built by a fully licensed and insured contractor with over 50 years of marine construction experience.


The 8’x16′ floating dock includes encapsulated floats, rub-rail around the perimeter, fold-down cleats, a marine grade aluminum box-tube frame, and gray composite decking (slate gray). The gangway features the same marine grade aluminum box-tube aluminum frame, truss-style aluminum hand-rails with toe plate and side-tubing/rails and grated 100% polypropylene decking. The Westlake Village package also includes solar lights on both the dock and gangway, a concrete landing with guide posts to anchor the dock and gangway to shore. To access from your yard, a matching gate is installed at the existing fence. Mid-Cal Construction will also provide plans with an engineering stamp and obtain permits from the City of Stockton, Building Dept.

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